About Us

I remember the times that some children came to school in their pajamas, others show callused toes poking through tattered sneakers. Two brothers alternated days in class because they had only one pair of good pants between them.

The father had to wear a suit that was saved for a family member's funeral because he did not have clothes suitable for a job interview. The list of stories can go on and on, reminding us of how clothes pay such a big role in all of our lives.

This is why we created thatlooksgoodonya online store. We sell high quality merchandise for very discounted prices so everyone can feel good about what they are wearing no matter the occasion. We really care about each and every customer no matter what side of town you're from.  Our number one goal is for you to leave our store a happy customer.

We are continually adding new products and merchandise to our store. Your patience is appreciated during this process.

Thatlooksgoodonya Staff.